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Get Ahead of Competitors with New iPhone X Accessories

The long-awaited iPhone X finally unveiled at the Apple product launch event on September 12. The 10-year anniversary iPhone is the most powerful yet with its stainless-steel edges, redesigned OLED display, facial recognition, inductive charging - the list goes on. 

Now, do you have the right accessories in store to prepare for the biggest phone release of the year? Given the high price tag of $999 and up, customers will be eager to invest in a protective phone case to guard their iPhone X. Get ahead of competitors and stock up on the latest wholesale iPhone X accessories from Valor. With more than 500 styles of accessories to choose from, our cases will dazzle customers dying to personalize and protect their new iPhone X.

Here is a list of top wholesale iPhone X accessories you should display in your retail store by the release date of November 3rd, 2017.

TUFF Hybrid Cases are the perfect iPhone accessories to keep cellphones safe.

TUFF Hybrid Cases

If you are looking for wholesale iPhone X accessories that refresh your display with vivid, eye-catching designs to draw in your customers, then the iPhone X TUFF Hybrid Cases are the best choices to help create that buzz and get your display noticed! 

The TUFF hybrid case is MYBAT’s best-selling category because it is safety and style in one package. These patented cases come in an array of colors and designs ranging from edgy skulls to lovely florals. Design options include a magnetic kickstand that opens and closes easily with one hand. The rubberized inner core and polycarbonate hard-shell create a double layer of protection. And, TUFF hybrid cases meet military-grade certified drop-test standards. 

Storm Tank Hybrid Cases meet adrenaline junkies needs.

Storm Tank Hybrid Cases

Are you a thrill-seeker, adrenaline junkie or hardcore Spartan Run participant? Meet the Storm Tank Hybrid Case! These military tested cases can keep up with any lifestyle, ranging from athletes to construction workers and to business people. This iPhone X case is heavy duty while lightweight and sleek. Extended side grips make the phone convenient to hold and quick to access. If the Storm Tank case drops, the exterior polycarbonate hard shell protects the iPhone X. The exterior shell also serves as a kickstand. 

For those who are always on-the-run, the 3-in-1 Storm Tank Holster Combo gives your iPhone X the complete 360-degree protection needed to survive the unknown outdoors and back-to-back business meetings. With its easy-to-clip, secure holster and shatterproof tempered glass screen protector, you can ensure your iPhone X is safe and within reach at all times.

Candy skin cases are the perfect cell phone accessory to keep up with everyday life.

Candy Skin Cases

These sleek cases are ideal for customers who prefer a slim iPhone X profile. Candy skin cases are thin, durable, and keep up with everyday life. Crafted from a flexible material, these cases twist and fold without losing their shape.

Dropping a phone on its corner can severely damage the screen. While most wholesale clear phone cases on the market do not strongly protect the corners, the MYBAT Candy Skin cases remedy this with the new air cushion design. In addition, these iPhone X accessories are 2.0mm thick, which provides more safety than traditional clear cases on the market.

Glitter cases are perfect for customers searching for dazzling iPhone 8 accessories.

Glitter Cases

These scratch-resistant cases add the right amount of pizzazz to everyday life. The cases hold a clear liquid mixed with glitter. In some cases, the glitter floats alongside stars or hearts. Other cases depict trendy images, such as the Eiffel Tower or a dream catcher.

Worried about the glitter case controversy? Read all about the MYBAT safety difference. Valor uses high-quality liquid paraffin in all their glitter cases. This is the same non-toxic mineral oil commonly used in cosmetics and is not harmful to the human body.

Diamante wallet cases are a cell phone accessory that lets you keep everything you need in one secure place.

Wallet Cases

These iPhone X wallet cases organize everything customers need in one secure place. The case holds money, cards, and the iPhone X in one secure, stylish folio case. The case closes with a magnetic clasp to keep contents safe. The rhinestones are firmly affixed with industrial-grade glue. You don’t need to worry about them falling out. As with all our wholesale cellphone accessories, Valor takes pride in providing quality products.

MYBAT tempered glass is an iPhone 8 accessory that protects screens from damage.

MYBAT Tempered Glass 

Avoid screen damage with high quality tempered glass screen protectors. Many of our competitors sell cheap plastic instead of real tempered glass. Our strong, high-quality 0.3mm screen protector provides image clarity and excellent touchscreen sensitivity. The rounded 2.5d edge is smooth to the touch and gives optimal screen protection. Simply place the glass on the iPhone X screen for bubble-free installation.

Wireless Chargers

Thanks to the new glass back, the iPhone X (as well as the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus) will finally have wireless charging capabilities. This convenient feature allows users to charge the iPhone X without the need of a wall plug, cable or battery charging case. While there are many [expensive] options out there for wireless chargers, Valor offers a selection of wholesale wireless chargers at a fraction of the price. Plus, it is compatible with most phone cases. (Read more: What iPhone X Cases are Compatible with Wireless Chargers)

Get ready for the launch with wholesale iPhone X accessories that will keep your customers coming back for more. For great options in other phone models or carriers, such as the iPhone 8 accessories, iPhone 7 plus accessories or Metro PCS phone cases, visit our website.

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