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MYBAT Phone Cases Pass Military Standard Shock Test!

Not that we were “shocked” to hear this (pun intended), but we are very pleased to announce that nine of our flagship phone cases – the MYBAT TUFF , TUFF Merge, and TUFF Trooper, Challenger, TUFF Contempo, TUFF Cosmic Space, TUFF Galactic, Skullcap and Storm Tank hybrid protector covers – have passed a rigorous U.S. Military Standard shock test called “MIL-STD 810G, Method 516.6-Shock”.

Basically, this means they provide military-grade shock protection, but here’s a deeper look into what the test is and how our cases passed it.

What is MIL-STD 810G?

MIL-STD-810G is a U.S. Department of Defense military standard developed in the 1960s to simulate and test how certain materials will hold up to environmental stress during their lifetime. Although the standard was created specifically for military applications, it is now widely used for commercial products (such as watches, boots, carrying cases, and gas masks) as well.

Within 810G there are 28 different test methods covering everything from high/low temperatures to fungal infestation, to gunfire. The particular test method we conducted for our cases was “Method 516.6-Shock”.

The Test Itself

Method 516.6-Shock, commonly referred to as the “drop” test, was designed to determine how well a “test unit” (in this case, the phone case) can put up with general physical abuse such as being dropped from pocket or table height. The test simulates the everyday environmental stress our cases will likely endure and is the most frequently cited/referenced test by most manufacturers.

Within Method 516.6-Shock there are 8 different “procedures”, but the one most applicable to our product was Procedure IV - the “transit drop”, which tests for durability during transit or while being carried.

The transit drop test consists of dropping the phone case, with an iPhone inside it, 26 times (on all 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 corners) from a height of 4 feet onto 2-inch plywood over concrete – the most common surface a device would land on.

If after all 26 drops the iPhone inside the case is in normal working condition with no physical or operational damage and no internal circuitry or battery exposed, then the case passes the test.

The Results

The test was conducted by a nationally recognized testing laboratory in the United States: MET Labs.

One of six face drops at 4ft high.One of six face drops at 4ft high.

One of eight corner drops at 4ft high.One of eight corner drops at 4ft high.

One of twelve edge drops at 4ft high.One of twelve edge drops at 4ft high.

We tested nine cases — the TUFF, TUFF Merge, TUFF Trooper, TUFF Contempo, TUFF Cosmic Space, TUFF Galactic, Challenger, Skullcap and Storm Tank – and all nine passed, meaning that for all nine cases the iPhone inside the case was still working without functional anomalies after 26 drops.

The Cases

All 9 phone cases are made of multi-layered, hybrid materials – polycarbonate hard-shell for dissipating force upon impact and flexible silicone, TPU or TPE material for shock-absorption.

TUFF has a multi-layered design with soft rubberized silicone inner lining encased by two polycarbonate frames which snap together to keep the silicone in place. Extended corners on the silicone inner sleeve offer superior shock-absorption when the device is impacted on the corners.

TUFF Merge has a two-layered design co-molded into one solid piece. The flexible TPE inner sleeve is anchored to the durable polycarbonate outer shell, which covers the entire backside of the device. The TPE extends around the front to protect the screen when the phone falls on its face.

TUFF Trooper features a two-layered design made of TPU and a polycarbonate back shell that covers the midsection of the device. The ridged TPU inner sleeve extends to the back, top, and bottom portions of the case to add grip and direct impact protection around the camera and charging port. The rigid polycarbonate outer shell adds more protection to the midsection of the device upon impact.

Challenger is a durable, uni-body hybrid case which merges rigid polycarbonate back cover with flexible TPU bumper. Featuring a unique tactile-dot perimeter which helps to improve grip and durability while giving your phone a complete edge, corner, back, and screen protection.  

TUFF Contempo has a dual-layered hybrid design which balances the impact-resistant polycarbonate hard shell with shock-absorbing TPU inner sleeve to create a feeling of both ruggedness and stability. The fitting TPU sleeve caresses all the curves of the phone perfectly while fitting snugly over the buttons and ports with its built-in electroplated buttons.

TUFF Cosmic Space is a stellar Candy Skin case that offers exceptional protection and style in one beautifully symmetric design. This flexible case is engineered with the utmost attention to detail, check out its precision-milled faux carbon fiber perimeter, refined electroplated buttons, futuristic brushed back cover and unique corner cushions offer complete all-around coverage without adding significant bulk to your device.

TUFF Galactic is a multi-layered case with scratch-resistant front and back polycarbonate frames, which snaps perfectly around the soft-touch rubberized inner sleeve. Extra corner paddings ensure the vulnerable areas of your phone are well protected from serious drops and impact.

Skullcap has a bad-to-the-bones design which features a careful cut out outer shell and a contrasting soft silicone insole to bring out the dramatic outlines of the case. The double layer construction ensures dynamic phone protection from impact and abrasion while maintaining a rebellious, edgy and trendy feel to the case.

Storm Tank features a low-profile design and heavy-duty protection for all edges, corners, front and back. The hybrid case is composed of a shock-absorbing inner TPU sleeve which completely encases your smartphone and a polycarbonate hard-shell midsection which shields the body from impact. Its meticulously designed back cover also doubles as a kickstand, which makes watching videos or video-chatting a snap.

Indeed, these MYBAT cases offer more than just military-approved shock protection. They give the users the confidence and comfort of knowing their devices are equipped with real rugged material built to last through everyday accidents and provide 100 percent protection through the life of the phone.

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